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Next Meeting:
Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Please join us for our August 2 Addison Monthly Meeting which includes an excellent speaker and program, a MentoRing exercise, lunch and fun with Wonderful WOVI Women!

Guests are always welcome!  Current members who bring a guest could win their next meeting for free!
Welcome our new WOVI Members: Gretchen Martens and Vonda Walker!
Please RSVP by Saturday, July 29, to

Use the PayPal button below to RSVP by save $2!


Jan Daniel
“Think Like Bhutan: Finding Authentic Happiness”

Gretchen Martens

“Think Like Bhutan: Finding Authentic Happiness”

America is obsessed with happiness. In fact, our Constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness as an unalienable right. There are 565 million web pages addressing happiness. Amazon carries more than 175,000 products related to happiness. So, why do so many of us struggle to find happiness? Gretchen’s research in Bhutan validated her belief that authentic happiness comes from inside. In this interactive conversation with Gretchen, you will learn how you can begin to cultivate authentic, resilient happiness by:
  • 1. Understanding how the right to happiness in fact makes us less happy
  • 2. Exploring the myriad meanings of happiness and their impact on happiness
  • 3. Distinguishing external from internal happiness
  • 4. Learning practices that build happiness into your daily life and mindset

Speaker Bio:

Gretchen Martens is an author, speaker, and happiness expert. Her approach to life blends her background as an anthropologist, coach, visual artist, and comedy performer. She is committed to creating a future where all people and communities thrive. Gretchen is recently back from Bhutan, studying happiness in the country that started the global happiness movement. She launched The Happiness Society on July 5 (Facebook @ResilientHappiness).

Gretchen has had great success as a business woman and is currently the Managing Director of the North Dallas/Plano Chapter of ewomen Network.

Gretchen Martens
Facebook @ResilientHappiness


Please RSVP by July 29 and bring a friend along for the fun!


Olive Garden

4240 Beltline Road @ Midway Addison, TX 75001 972-239-9096 (in back meeting room) (map)


  • 11:15 am to 1:15 pm – please arrive by 11:15
  • 11:00 – 11:30 am Connecting, ordering, etc.
  • 11:30 am – Program starts – please be in your seats
  • 1:15 pm – Program adjourns
  • 1:30 – 1:45 pm – Optional Orientation for new members

Learn more about WOVI:

Each month, members of our Leadership Team hold an informal orientation for our newest members and those who want to learn more about us. Join us from 1:30 to 1:45 pm to learn more about the benefits of WOVI membership and how you can become more involved in Women of Visionary Influence!

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Meeting Costs:

  • Members pay only $18 per meeting when paying prior to the meeting date using the PayPal button below!
  • If you RSVP’d above for more than one date, please increase the quantity on the PayPal screen to match the number of meetings.
  • $20 at the door on the day of the meeting.
  • $20 for first-time guests only for July. Returning guests pay $30. If you come as a guest and join at this meeting, you will be refunded $10.
  • ONLY CASH OR CHECK WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR – and please remember to RSVP in advance!
Members – $18 per meeting when using PayPal NOW:

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2016-2017 Officers:

Congratulations to WOVI Addison, OUTSTANDING CHAPTER OF THE YEAR 2014 and 2015!

Congratulations to our newly elected 2016-2017 Leadership Team Members, and our newest leader  – Lynda Foley!


Martha Campbell

1st Vice President

Sheila Riddle

2nd Vice President

Glenda Heil 

VP Finance

Karla Marie

VP Administration

Lynda Foley

VP Programs


VP Communications

Cynthia Duke-Birowski

VP Mentoring


VP Membership

Lynda Dean

VP Member Services

Cathy Ostmeyer

We’re always looking for members who want to be on a committee and those who want to grow in chapter Leadership and contribute more to the chapter.

The Leadership Team Meetings are held from 6:00 to 8:30 pm the 2nd Wednesday of the month. All members are welcome to attend. 

For more information contact 

We are excited and proud to announce that WOVI Addison received the following honors at WOVI’s Annual Leadership Summit in October 2015:

Martha Campbell – Chapter Mentor of the Year
Angela DeAnda – Chapter Member of the Year
Glenda Heil – President of the Year
Peggy Campagna – Second VP of the Year
Sheila Riddle – VP Programs of the Year

In addition, the following WOVI Addison members received brand new “longevity” pins:

5-Year Pins
Peggy Campagna, Martha Campbell, Ann DeRulle, Cynthia Duke-Birowski, Valery Guignon, Paula Guthrie, Kay Kallos, Heather McCamey

10-Year Pins
Mary Boyd and Lynda Rhodes

About WOVI, Inc.:

WOVI, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers women to lead and mentor.

Our Vision:

Women empowered to make a difference in their lives, communities, and the world.

WOVI Addison Org. Chart:

PDF: WOVI Addison 2015-2016 Organization Chart

WOVI Addison's Upcoming Meetings:

WOVI Addison’s Meetings Are Held The First Wednesday of Each Month.

Save The Date For These Upcoming Meetings!

  • Wednesday, July 12, 2017: Your Talking Toes…the Ten Chapters of Your Life with Jan Daniel, Toe Reader
  • Wednesday, August 2, 2017: Mindset is the Doorway to Happiness with Gretchen Martens
  • Wednesday, September 6, 2017: Personal Growth with Dr. Lucette Beall
  • Wednesday, October 4, 2017: Double Your Business: The 5  Simple Rules to Massive Growth Now with Leslie Hassler
  • Wednesday, November 1, 2017: Using Differences Constructively with Kathy Garland
  • Wednesday, December 6, 2017: Holiday Connecting Party

Welcome to Our Newest Members

The Addison chapter is pleased and honored to welcome our newest members:

July 2017
Gretchen Martens
Vonda Walker

May 2017
Tina Rios

April 2017
Kathryn Marshall



What members say about WOVI!

WOVI has given me the confidence and accountability I need to pursue my dreams. Also, WOVI has given me wonderful friends.
Nancy Starr-Cassidy- WOVI Member
“The impact that WOVI has had on me since I became a member is huge. When I first became a member of WOVI, I was in the middle of some personal challenges. Going to the meetings helped me to move through these challenges by focusing on the topics that our meetings presented and stepping out of me and being of a help to someone else. I also developed deeper friendships with my already friends and cultivated new bonds of friendship with my new friends. By being in various leadership roles in our chapter, I am a better leader by just being in the presence of other leaders on the board. Learning and putting into practice leadership skills. As I stepped out of the chapter and went to the WOVI conference, I met other entrepreneurial minded women that have presented me with new and fresh ideas to increase my various streams of income. Therefore, making WOVI, an instrument of influence and of affluence.
Dr. Ann- WOVI Member
What I like about WOVI best of all is the mentoring. Being mentored by others has led me to do things I never thought of or never would have thought possible, if I had thought of them. Being involved in a nonprofit from the very beginning has helped me in so many ways. I have learned about mission and vision. I have changed my career path at the encouragement and enlightenment from my fellow WOVI members. I have created, agonized over, and learned to live with budgets! My salary has increased by 71% since becoming a member of WOVI. I have become a better encourager and delegator. I have become a leader.
Janet Wilemon- WOVI Member
WOVI has provided me with the opportunity to become more creative and to be part of a group that is genuinely interested in empowering women. It gives me a unique insight into how to empower women outside the WOVI group, and understand at a much deeper level my influence on other women in my life.
Ruth White- WOVI Member
Nervous and feeling vulnerable as I began to experience the power of the WOVI trademark Mento-Ring exercise, I received such important imformation from this educator , I was so uplifted I joined the very next meeting!
Krista Hartman- WOVI Member
When I first came to WOVI I had a book I wanted to write but thought I lacked what it took to get it done. I found WOVI women to be dynamic, accomplished, down-to-earth, supportive, and uplifting. I was impressed by the caliber of woman that was attracted to this group and that made me step up my game. The support I received from people I barely knew helped me to gain confidence in my abilities to tackle this book despite the fact that I was a fresh-out-of-the-closet writer. I started to strive for goals that I had long been afraid to attempt. In the WritersRing, we have created a safe, dynamic, supportive environment that enables writers to open their hearts and minds, hone their craft, and find and explore their true voice. It is often the first place guests and new members have read their work aloud. With the support of the WritersRing, I forged ahead with my book and it will be out in May 2014. The title is The Global Red Circle – Standing in Truth, Unleashing Our Most Powerful Selves. I have even retired from my business of ten years to live my dream and be a full-time writer and a build a singing and songwriting career. WOVI women are the best!
Kim Andrews- WOVI Member
WOVI has given me the confidence and accountability I need to pursue my dreams. Also, WOVI has given me wonderful friends.
Sarah Baden- WOVI Member
WOVI women are so supportive. Meetings are rich in generosity, approval and opportunity.
Valery Guignon- WOVI Member
WOVI is the one thing my energy drives toward every month – it is unique among women’s organizations.
Frances Pelley- WOVI Member
WOVI women are absolutely the most authentic, loving, supportive and fun women. I love that we have mentors for growth, support, and encouragement through new projects.
Lynda Rhodes- WOVI Member

Would you, or someone you know, like to be a sponsor or a speaker?

If you would like to be a Sponsor or a Speaker at WOVI Addison, please click the first tab above, “Meeting Details,” and fill in our “RSVP & Contact Form” and let us know!

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