WOVI presents:
Mentor of the Year 2016
Diann H. Smith,
Texas Health Resources

Diann H. Smith (left) – Texas Health Resources (with Michelle Johnson, Nominator)

Diann H. Smith (left) – Texas Health Resources (with Michelle Johnson, Nominator)

WOW! What a slate of professional women who were nominated for WOVI’s 14th Annual Mentor of the Year Award! They each were winners in their own distinctive way. All had accomplished so much in their careers, and had a true passion for mentoring others. Many not only mentored women and men in their workplaces, but were heavily involved in programs in their communities at large. Mentoring was a badge of honor for many, and it came through not only in their acceptance speeches but their recommendations from their nominees.

Congratulations to the rest of the nominees acknowledged in their respective fields:

  • Joanne Baca Garcia – Mentor of the Year – Corporate Airport Industry
  • Keresa Richardson – Mentor of the Year – Corporate Franchise
  • Andrella Thomas – Mentor of the Year – Corporate Finance
  • Kelsel Thompson – Mentor of the Year – Education

If you were unable to attend our MRL this year, you missed a great keynote speaker. Gloria Campos’ presentation: “Woman to Woman: Beyond the Sisterhood,” resonated with so many women in the audience. Women across the room understood how she felt when talking about her career and how various mentors had helped during the career as a television news anchor. There were challenges but each one made her better and stronger and gave her the confidence to continue to push forward with passion for what she loved–covering the news for her audience.

Yes, WOVI had another very successful Mentor Recognition Luncheon and we are already looking forward to next year’s event in October 2017. We will honor women mentors once again as WOVI Celebrates 15 Years of Empowering Women to Mentor and Lead with Strength and Grace! Don’t miss this wonderful celebration.