WOVI empowers women to lead and mentor.

It is the Mission of WOVI, Inc. to empower women to lead and mentor.

We accomplish our mission through our chapters, mentors, programs and events.

WOVI, Inc. is a widely recognized 501 (c)(3) nonprofit membership driven organization with a unique mentoring and leadership focus. Our dynamic and diversified culture celebrates the brilliance of women. Through WOVI, women learn to integrate leadership, education and mentoring into the fabric of their lives. We include women of all ages, professions, and ethnicities.
We exist to help women achieve, succeed and prosper in their chosen path in life. Women can acquire more clients and customers, learn how to market and promote who they are and what they offer.
Our network of Chapters across the country focuses on helping women in four key areas.
  1. Provides educational and motivational activities at our monthly Chapter meetings. This provides access to important resources and ideas.
  2. Provides Leadership training at the Chapter level through direct mentoring from those who have held that position before.  WOVI, Inc. provides Quarterly Leadership Training in addition to our Annual Leadership Summit.
  3. Provides at every meeting our trademarked MentoRing™ – an interactive exercise that builds, uplifts, encourages and empowers through input and immediate feedback.  Most women return again and again with remarks about how much this helps them.
  4. Offers an exclusive Mentor Certification Program for Members and Non Members.  This has been an invaluable tool for people wanting to move forward in their careers.
Our chapters’ monthly meetings include Educational and motivational speakers or panels, Leadership training, and MentoRing – an interactive exercise that builds, uplifts, encourages and empowers through input and immediate feedback.
Mentoring – every member gets and becomes a mentor providing and gaining invaluable support and information through regular mentor/mentee connections.
Programs and special events provided by WOVI, Inc. such as an Annual Conference for Women, Annual Mentor Recogntion Luncheon, Leadership Summit, and LeadersRing™.
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