The Indomitable Spirit — The Spirit of WOVI.

By Pauline Shirley, President and Cofounder

The indomitable spirit is not a phrase I verbalize often. I admire it. I think it! I recognize it! I believe in it! The words just don’t roll off my tongue as smoothly as they meander through my mind. One thing I also believe is that indomitable spirit best expresses the spirit of WOVI.
The women of WOVI are strong and tough. We are determined and resolute.
We are spirited and stubborn. Yes, we possess an indomitable spirit!
We’re strong in our support of each other. On a consistent basis support is exhibited among our members. We encourage each other. We share. We see the best in each other.
We’re tough because we have an enduring belief in the power of women. We are comfortable with that power being both soft and durable at the same time. We recognize, honor and value both ends of the power spectrum.
That we are determined is obvious by the inordinate amount of success our members are experiencing. Our determination is fueled by the relationships we build, share and preserve. These relationships pave the way to accomplishments and goals.
Our resoluteness is apparent for the same reason. It is especially obvious when it comes to the commitment the wonderful women of WOVI have to our organization. As a result, all of WOVI benefits from the mutual creativity, work and efforts.
The women of WOVI are spirited and stubborn. Our spirit and stubbornness see us through work crises, personal and family challenges and illnesses, heat, storm and the proverbial dark of night. WOVI women come through – stronger, happier, wiser.
I like to think that a little bit of that indomitable spirit – the spirit of WOVI — is there before women join WOVI. And that it is strengthened, lengthened, fortified and reinforced through their membership, participation and growth in WOVI. No, I just don’t think it! I know it! I’ve seen it. I watch it happen. Look around you at any meeting or WOVI event. Play extra close attention to others. Look at yourself clearly and objectively. You’ll see evidence of the strengthening, lengthening, fortification and reinforcement we’ve all experienced.
Here’s to the wonderful women of WOVI and our indomitable spirit!

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