Mentoring is the heartbeat of WOVI!

Mentoring is the primary promise WOVI makes to every member.

Mentoring is the main purpose of WOVI’s existence.

Mentoring assignments are the most important responsibility
the chapter has to its membership.

WOVI, Inc. is dedicated to the provision of mentors for all members and to the education and practice of mentoring.
Mentoring is one of those activities we engage in that empowers both parties – mentor and mentee – women helping women.  By sharing knowledge and experiences, we open up our hearts and minds to receive wisdom and expertise from one another.

Are You Looking For a Mentor?

Someone who is supportive, encouraging and freely shares her wisdom?  Would you like to mentor another woman, inspiring her and sharing your knowledge so that she can benefit from your experiences?  Then it’s time you joined or got more involved with your local WOVI chapter!

The Mentor Assignment

As a result of your joining and affiliating with a WOVI Chapter, each member is assigned a mentor, and each member is given the opportunity to mentor another member.
You may be assigned a mentor in the more traditional manner, mentor to mentee, or you may be assigned in a cross mentoring relationship where each woman is both the mentor and mentee. The amount of time established for each assignment is a minimum of three months. The maximum time is solely your decision.

Mentor-Mentee Connections

The Mentor-mentee connections within the chapter are of paramount importance.  The process is ongoing as new members are added and the three-month initial period ends.  The Second Vice President or Vice President Mentoring makes new assignments within three months of a new member joining or member request.
Other opportunities for mentoring occur at every Chapter meeting with WOVI’s unique MentoRing™ exercise.  Participants leave with fresh ideas, energy, and encouragement to enhance the education received at the monthly meeting.


Additional group mentoring can be experienced through your participation in one of WOVI’s InterestRings™.
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More on Mentoring:

Formalities of mentoring are as varied as the mentors and mentees themselves.  Formal mentoring or career coaching takes place in a controlled, systematic way with pre-defined goals and objective, and likely a deadline.
Informal mentoring is the norm when the mentor and mentee gather, call, text, or email on a regular or sporadic basis.  Topics can include anything and everything that life sends their way…the good, the bad, the ups, the downs…
On-the-spot mentoring is a one-time, random occurrence.  It can happen when two people meet, when a speaker points out a solution or something of interest.   It can occur at a round-table discussion for the sole purpose of providing support and positive feedback to the topic/discussion/problem at hand.
Cross-mentoring is when a mentor becomes a mentee in a current connection.  This can occur intentionally or as the mentor-mentee relationship grows and the two get to know and appreciate one another better.
All methods and types of connections can… and do… work!  We encourage you to try mentoring and see what changes can be made in your life.
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