Mentoring Programs:


Mentoring – the heartbeat of WOVI! As a WOVI member, when you join a WOVI Chapter, you will be assigned a mentor and each member is given the opportunity to mentor another member. It’s a win-win!

Mentor Seeking

Mentoring is a promise WOVI makes to every member. One of WOVI’s Basic Premises, WOVI, Inc. is dedicated to the provision of mentors for all members and to the education of the mentoring process. Each member is assigned a mentor. Each member mentors another member.

Mentor Certification Program

Our unique six month mentor training program.


The MentoRing™ exercise is presented at each chapter meeting and is one of WOVI’s hallmark benefits. It furthers the mission and vision of WOVI by encouraging on-the-spot mentoring and positive support each time WOVI members gather.

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