Looking for a Mentor?

Are you looking for a mentor? Someone who is supportive, encouraging and freely shares her wisdom?
Would you like to mentor another woman, encouraging her and sharing your knowledge so that she can benefit from your experiences?
Mentoring is a promise WOVI makes to every member. One of WOVI’s Basic Premises, WOVI, Inc. is dedicated to the provision of mentors for all members and to the education of the mentoring process.   Each member is assigned a mentor. Each member mentors another member.
The mentor assignment comes as a result of your joining and affiliating with a WOVI Chapter. You may be assigned a mentor in the more traditional manner, mentor to mentee, or you may be assigned in a cross mentoring relationship where each woman is both the mentor and mentee. The amount of time established for each assignment is a minimum of three months. The maximum time is solely your decision.
Mentor-mentee connections within the chapter are of paramount importance. The process is ongoing as new members are added and the three-month initial period ends.  The Vice President Mentoring makes new assignments within three months of a new member joining or member request.
Mentoring and the experience of mentoring are further enhanced by WOVI’s unique MentoRing™ exercise presented at every Chapter meeting as well as the group mentoring experienced through your participation in one of WOVI’s Interest Rings.
WOVI Values Statement   Through encouragement, genuine respect and inclusiveness, we celebrate self and others.
Need additional information? Write us at WOVI, Inc. P. O. Box 803144 Dallas, Texas 75380-3144 or use our form below.


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