A Night of Fun at WOVI North Dallas’ Mentoring Roundtable & Silent Auction September 19, 2013

Come One, Come All – and Bring Your Friends!!!
Join us for a meeting of mentoring, competitive shopping, tasty tid-bits and the company of dynamic women!
A lovely buffet dinner will accompany the regular meeting agenda which will allow for frequent chances to check on your favorite item. Come see what your WOVI sisters have hand crafted, regifted and solicited from their favorite vendors.
Bring your checkbook and make space in the car to pack your winnings for the trip home.

Would You Like To Donate Items?

If you would like to donate an item for the auction please contact Diane Ganter (ga_mc@yahoo.com) or Debbie Cunningham (Debbie@irving-law.com) via email. Tax receipts will be available for all donated items.
Funds raised will help send our new Leaders to the WOVI Leadership Summit on October 12. Any additional funds will be set aside for future WOVI North Dallas activities.

Visit The WOVI North Dallas Chapter Page For More Details