Rita Bailey

Entrepreneur Success Formula – V.I.P.S.

Rita Bailey
There are over 500,000 new businesses starting and even more that fail every year.

While there are obvious things that anyone starting or growing a business needs to consider (i.e. business structure, finances, marketing and sales strategy), there are also things that are not so obvious. These are often the oversights that determine whether your business will go Boom or Bust!

What can you do to ensure that you and your business stand out from the competition and increase your success factors?

  • Create value they can’t deny or overlook
  • Increase your influence in the marketplace
  • Create a greater personal and professional presence
  • Know your self-worth!

Rita has first-hand experience in the power of PEOPLE, having served 25 years in leadership positions in a company known for its People culture – Southwest Airlines. She understands that relationships serve as one of the most powerful competitive tools and market differentiators for maximizing growth and financial stability.

She brings these success principles and practices to entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders who want to know how to create this type of environment in their organization. She has traveled to over 20 countries, speaking, consulting and strategizing with leaders, teams, and individuals on creating inclusive environments that foster productive relationships, engaged employees, and loyal customers.

She is a faculty contributor at SMU Cox School of Business, Past Chair of American Society of Learning and Development, and has worked with a variety of industries including financial, technology, healthcare, service and retail.

Her greatest joy comes from helping others through mentoring, coaching, and connecting them with the resources to achieve their goals and dreams!

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