WOVI Annual Conference for Women!
Saturday, April 23, 2016

7:30am – 4pm

Holiday Inn Dallas-Richardson
1655 North Central Expressway, Richardson, Texas, 75080


With Special Guest Speakers:
• Dr. Deborah Estes, Keynote Speaker
• Linda Valdez Thompson, Plenary Speaker
• Clarice Tinsley, Luncheon Speaker

Panel Members:
Victoria Chancellor Huffstutler, Ann Ranson, and Kathy Seei

Frances Pelley

Educational Speakers:
Julie Chance, Dr. Paula Joyce, Nikki Nanos, and Dorly Roy

The 2016 WOVI Annual Conference for Women is just around the corner on Saturday, April 23, 2016, at the Holiday Inn in Richardson. We invite you to join us for a fabulous day as we gather to help each of us Catch! That! Dream! A diverse group of professional women will expand your knowledge and set you on the right path to achieving your goals.

The morning offers Dr. Deborah Estes, Ed. D., presenting a “brain-friendly” way to find the joy in learning, followed by a panel (Victoria Chancellor, Ann Ranson, and Kathy Seei) with expertise in reaching and exceeding goals. A relaxing luncheon follows with local television personality Clarice Tinsley.

Educational breakouts in the afternoon provide time with Julie Chance, Dr. Paula Joyce, Nikki Nanos,and Dorly Roy. The day is rounded out with Linda Valdez Thompson, our 2015 Mentor of the Year and Executive Vice President at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

You will have time throughout the day to bid on items from the Silent Auction and get acquainted with local merchants supporting WOVI in the Vendor Faire. There is truly something for everyone! Check out www.wovi.com to RSVP and then keep checking as details are added. We start early this year: 7:30 a.m.! Be there…and bring a friend…or two!

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Dr.Deborah Estes
Powerful Presentations

Dr. Deborah Estes
Keynote Speaker

Be Present…So that you can Catch! That! Dream!

Sometimes we get in such a hurry with “getting there” we forget that the journey is the destination. Dreams are all around us. Look for them. Experience them. Nourish them. And enjoy all that life has to offer you and all that you have to offer the lives of others. Let’s reflect on some principles that enrich not only us, but all those around us!

Dr. Deborah Estes, a former high school teacher, middle school principal, and curriculum/public relations director, graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce with a Doctorate in educational administration.
Dr. Estes started her career as a teacher at S & S Consolidated School District, where she taught for nine years. From there, she became a principal and then a director of curriculum. Estes became an adjunct professor and a lead trainer and facilitator at Texas A & M University as well as a board member to the Texas Staff Development Council. Since 1995, Deborah Estes has worked with education entities, law firms, corporations, and medical health care teams throughout the United States as a consultant, facilitator, and conference keynote speaker. Deborah G. Estes specializes in the areas of leadership, teambuilding, presentation skills, personality styles, collaborative skill building, and diversity.

Dr. Estes offers a variety of training in the areas of leadership and making effective presentations. Her primary interest is in the areas of brain research and how this knowledge can directly impact our lives as educators, and even more significantly, as human beings.

Linda Valdez Thompson
Executive Vice President of Administration and Diversity
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Linda Valdez Thompson
Plenary Speaker

Success is More Than a Dream

You can have a Big dream and that’s great! However, in order to achieve your dreams, whether at work or in life, you must have a strategic approach for how you will make that dream a reality. Thomas Edison once said, “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” This presentation will focus on the practical steps to help you understand why and how to:

-Clarify your Purpose to give your life focus,

– Ignite your Passion, to give you courage and create energy,

– Maximize your Performance to gain acceptance and promotion, and

– Cultivate healthy Partnerships and most importantly, the essential role of mentoring.

Linda Valdez Thompson is the Executive Vice President of Administration and Diversity at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). In her role, she is responsible for Human Resources, Procurement and Materials Management, Risk Management, Corporate Communications, and Business Diversity and Development.

Linda oversees the Airport’s award-winning business diversity program that continues to create significant economic opportunity for small, minority and women-owned businesses. These programs promote opportunities for diverse suppliers to participate in the airport’s contracting and procurement processes.

Linda has received several distinctions including being named Woman of the Year by Hispanic Business Magazine, and Ultimate Latina by the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She’s been the recipient of the Dallas Business Journal Minority Business Award and most recently, was recognized as a Top Latino Leader in Texas. She is also an alumni of the prestigious National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI), and is a certified Diversity Professional/Advanced Practitioner from Cornell University.


Clarice Tinsley
Award-Winning Fox 4 News Reporter

Clarice Tinsley
Luncheon Speaker

My Journey…

My Dream…

Millions of viewers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have tuned to FOX4’s Clarice Tinsley for the latest headlines and the most in-depth news stories affecting Texas and the world. With major investigative reporting awards to her credit, including the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, Clarice is recognized as one of Texas’ more knowledgeable reporters. Clarice is on the air and has been on the scene as important news stories unfold. April 2013, Clarice was one of nine Dallas women honored with the inaugural “High Tea with High Heels” Award.

In November 2011, she got her second Emmy for her participation in “Social Media”.
Clarice was named “Outstanding Female of 2010” at the Cooper Fitness Center for her commitment to fitness, health, and weight loss.

Clarice is a member of the Board of Directors of Girls Scouts of Northeast Texas. She’s an Advisory Board Member of St. Philip’s School in South Dallas as well as an Advisory Board member for the School of Journalism at SMU. She is a member of the YET Board of Directors and Chairs the YET Communications and Public Relations Committee. Clarice is also a member of the Board of Directors of SLANT. She was a member of the Super Bowl XLV Host Committee’s Board of Directors and she was Chair of the Super Bowl XLV Communications Action Team.

On November 13, 2011 Clarice celebrated 33 years as Anchor/Reporter at KDFW FOX4 News. Clarice shares her life with the love of her life, her husband, Stephen Giles who is Executive Producer of America Close Up on the cable network American Life Network.
Attend the conference and learn more about Clarice Tinsley!

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Victoria Chancellor Huffstutler

Victoria Chancellor Huffstutler
Panel Member

Author and business owner, Victoria Chancellor Huffstutler, moved to Richardson 41 years ago. She now divides her time between her home here, her lake house in Mineola, Texas, and traveling in her RV or with friends and family. The corporation her husband founded, C & C Distributing Company, became hers upon his death in 2014, and she has continued its tradition of selling and installing quality school furniture and equipment. She is also an award winning and bestselling author of 22 novels for publishers Harper Collins, Kensington, Dorchester Love Spell, and Harlequin American Romance.

Ann Ranson
President of Bottom Line 3 Marketing
Coach, Trainer, and Tea Purveyor

Ann Ranson
Panel Member

Ann Ranson is passionate about guiding others’ journey from here to their ideal outcome, whether that’s a strategic plan for your organization or preserving your life stories to share with others.

She is the president of Bottom Line 3 Marketing, Inc., a socially conscious enterprise that works with small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals who are seeking an authentic, focused, strategic, head & heart yet practical approach to exploring the possibilities for success.

Ann was a strategic thinker even before she learned that her #3 strength is Strategic (according to Now Discover Your Strengths). Her Bottom Line ³ Strategic Planning System is based on the business principle, triple bottom line, which states that every organization has three bottom lines, people, planet and profit.”

Ann will be sharing more of her unique experiences!


Kathy Seei
Former Mayor of Frisco, Texas

Kathy Seei
Panel Member

Kathy Seei co-authored The Republican Dream Team of 2016 (Greenleaf Book Group, 2016). As Mayor of Frisco, TX the city became known for rapid growth, forward planning, environmental stewardship and public art.

Kathy Seei was VP of Corporate Development for AECOM, a large global technical design firm. She founded SEEI3 and created/deployed tools for strategic planning, corporate security and diversity.

Kathy Seei has served on the Board of Directors for Frisco EDC, Columbia Medical Center of Plano, Frisco Multi-Faith and President of the Dallas/Fort Worth Mayor’s Association; Seei has been honored as Frisco Citizen of the Year and Inside Collin County 21 for the 21st Century.

This will be a perfect opportunity to hear more about Kathy Seei!

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Frances Pelley
President, ProTemPro, LLC

Frances Pelley

Frances Pelley has led the Texoma Council of Government for over 20 years under the mantra “Connecting People to Solutions”. She is driven to find innovative solutions in response to community needs and social service gaps.

Currently an interim executive leading transformational change as President of ProTemPro. Most recent experience involved agency in Oklahoma with over 500 employees and $20M budget.

Facilitator with Strategic Government Resources presenting over 25 courses in the past 8 years to public sector professionals

Founding President of WOVI Red River which moved to McKinney in January 2015.

Married to Attorney, Scott Pelley, with two sons and one granddaughter, and second home in Colorado.


Julie Chance
President of Action-Strategies-By-Design, LLC

Julie Chance
Educational Speaker

Aligning A Team Around Your Dream

Dreams are not realized in a vacuum and you can’t do it alone. Achieving your dream requires that you gain the support of others including employees, vendors, investors, family, friends and customers. Building alignment for your dream is all about getting to the point where others understand and are committed to the direction you want to go. In this interactive session we will:

• Explore three keys to getting others to support your dream
• Identify key components of persuasively communicating in a way that motivates others to join you
• Develop strategies to excite and unite others around your ideas

In 2002 Julie founded Action-Strategies-By-Design with the mission of helping organizations of all sizes create a competitive edge by focusing on the potential of their people and the power of teamwork. With over three decades of consulting, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, business experience, Julie brings a passion and energy to her presentations that empowers participants to devise strategies and implement critical action plans that drive change. Prior to starting her own business, Julie spent 18 years in the behavioral health field. Julie is a certified Executive Coach and a certified Business Coach, as well as an accredited facilitator for the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. She holds an MBA from UT Austin and a bachelor’s degree in marketing from LSU in Baton Rouge.


Paula Joyce, PhD
Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit
Radio Host
Dr.Paula, LLC

Dr. Paula Joyce
Educational Speaker

The Ultimate Creative Problem Solving Process

We all have goals that we haven’t accomplished yet. You haven’t failed. You just haven’t had the right information. You’ve been working with only half of your brain, the logical half. When you engage the other side of your brain, you will tap into a huge reservoir of information–the part of you that knows the answers but can’t communicate them.
The key to your success is to align the right and left sides of your brain.

Dr. Paula Joyce, The Life Doctor, has helped thousands of people improve their health, wealth and relationships through her writing, coaching and speaking. Dr. Paula’s clients attain success, achieve breakthrough thinking and enhance productivity by working with her Ultimate Creative Problem Solving Process to align and integrate the information in the right and left sides of their brain. This allows them to dissolve hidden fears and barriers, solve their most challenging problems and reach their goals. Dr. Paula is a best-selling author and top-ranked radio host who has been in USA Today, The Dallas Morning News and on national radio and television.

With Dr. Paula’s Ultimate Creative Problem Solving Process, you will reach your goals with more speed and ease. You will align and integrate information in both sides of your brain, discovering insights and revelations that will free you from limiting patterns that have prevented you from solving your most challenging problems and reaching your personal and professional goals.
In this experiential workshop, you will: hear your inner wisdom; gain new insights; release your inhibitions, fears and doubts; increase your brain power; dissolve hidden barriers to achieving your goals; solve your most challenging problems; reduce stress; and increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

Nikki Nanos
Keynote . Motivational . Coach . Kindness Promoter

Nikki Nanos
Educational Speaker

Don’t Just Communicate, Hu-municate!

Creating a culture of kindness. Working with organizations that want to create a culture of kindness in the workplace. Spirited, deliberate and inspiring, Nikki’s keynotes put her creativity, humor and knowledge at play with audiences. She believes that at the heart of everything we do, we should be creating a culture of kindness.

Don’t Just Communicate, Hu-municate. How we communicate and treat our employees is imperative in the workplace. This presentation will have you rethinking what’s important. Humanize your workplace with the 15-15 Hu-munication™ Plan, be a hu-municator™ and change your office to a kinder more productive environment, by creating a culture of kindness. It’s all about treating your employees as hu-mans and having a sense of hu-mor.

Game On! From your handshake to the boardroom it’s time ladies for you to stand at the plate, shoot the three pointer or score the goal. It’s not only how you hold the ball or shoot the puck … it’s all about creating a culture of kindness while facing the opposition when you are outnumbered ten to one while still being true to yourself as a woman. According to CNNMoney, “Just 14.2% of senior S&P executives are women.” Yet they go on to say according to 2011 Catalyst analysis that, “Companies who have a high representation of women board members … outperform those with no female directors.” It’s time to play!


Dorly Roy
Goldenlight Creative

Dorly Roy
Educational Speaker

Building a Personal Brand

Whether in business or at home, we all work hard to portray a certain identity. But what if your Personal Branding is wrong? What if you are much more than the woman here before us today. Have you achieved your personal best? If success came and sat on your lap this evening, would you even recognize it? I propose that a change in your Personal Brand can make a change in your relationships, in your bank account and in your level of happiness.

For the past 10 years, Dorly Roy has served as a photographer, advisor, and mentor to women ranging from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, to neighborhood PTA Presidents. Her love of people is evident in the hours she spends fostering a relationship, crafting an image, and delivering excellence with all who step in front of her camera lens. A tireless advocate for personal development, fine art education, and small business development, she is devoted to changing the world one client at a time. You can find her working on original paintings and photographs in the Goldenlight studio, mentoring clients on business and personal development, or supporting small businesses around the Dallas area by shopping local.

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